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Walker Walker (2021)
M7 V-- A--
28 minutes ago
ecrules 51, M, Andorra
Chuck Norris [email protected]# karate kicks missing... but still a good watch
Outside the Wire Outside the Wire (2021)
M9 V10 A10
30 minutes ago
Watched movie and it was good!! plot was original I thought!! CGI was pretty cool!!
Outside the Wire 2021 1080p 10bit WEBRIP 6CH x265 HEVC-PSA
M6 V8 A9
2 days ago
vietnam 25, M, Vietnam
good movie action movie difference one.
Outside The Wire (2021) WEBRip 720p x264 - YIFY
M5 V9 A9
3 days ago
Al-Joia 46, M, Portugal
has an action movie It's alright, even if I am not a great fan of those movies, the moral side is a bit weird, the plot is based in one concept of giving a moral lesson to a kid but the way it turns for me is not at all the best way so I think it became a bit short, so have to Say It's a real average that could be better if ......
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News of the World News of the World (2020)
M8 V8 A8
33 minutes ago
I watched movie and it was good!! alot better movie then whats been coming out since Covid-19 messsed things up!! worth a watch!!
News of the World (2020)
M2 V-- A--
Nickoteenster 61, M, United Kingdom
It's a slog, this film. And while being politically correct and culture sensitive and anti-misogynistic are wonderful qualities and which are finally being taken notice of, this film is set in 1890 when none of those beliefs existed. So you get Tom Hanks as a sort of bloke transported back from 2021 to 1890 with his views and values. Also the crooks call people of dark skin "blacks".
It's utter nonsense. Historically incorrect and Hollywood trying to alter history.
News of the World (2020)
M-- V-- A--
2 days ago
Auto54 65, M, United Kingdom
This movie is full of irrelevant drama about 88% broken out as such: 5% irrelevant drama -- 5% relevant drama -- 27% irrelevant drama -- 3% relevant drama -- 53% irrelevant drama -- 2% relevant drama -- 3% irrelevant drama -- 2% relevant drama

anyone can show an uploader with any ratings that doesn't prove anything, I only comment on the films I've watched that is my true comment, if you don't like my comment download and watch it yourself the you can make your true comment
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The Expecting The Expecting S01 1080p QUIBI WEB-DL AAC2 0 H 264-WELP
M10 V-- A--
37 minutes ago
Lizaroets 41, F, South Africa
Good, can't wait for Season 2
Psycho Goreman Psycho Goreman (2020)
M8 V8 A8
past hour
Funny, great kids movie!!! enjoyed it!!
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