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An Easy Girl (2019) - Also known as "Une fille facile"

Director: Rebecca Zlotowski
Cast: Mina Farid, Zahia Dehar, Benoît Magimel, Nuno Lopes, Clotilde Courau, Loubna Abidar, Lakdhar Dridi, Henri-Noël Tabary, Cédric Appietto, Mickaël Migliorini, Mathias Ben Hamou, Lise Lomi, Martine Guzman, Julie Allione, Lolita Chammah, Andy Gillet, Félix de Givry, José Levy, Kate Moran, Gérard Rambert, Ryan Colt Levy, Michael C. Pizzuto, Katie Anvil Rich, Nico Max Tedeschi


Naïma16, daughter of a cleaning lady, is about to join an audition with her best friend Dodo in Cannes. The school year is over. It was then that her 22-year-old cousin Sofia arrives from Paris to spend the holidays with her. She is a young woman with a liberated sexuality and does not hesitate to take advantage of her charms. "Catch the moment" is her main motto. Inseparable, foaming beaches and nightclubs, the two accomplices are quick to meet Andres and Philippe, an art collector and his regular matchmaker. Two rich men invite them to their yacht. Sofia then turns Naïm from her everyday reality to the world of luxury, opulence, haute couture, great restaurants, sumptuous Mediterranean villas. This world where everything seems possible.

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