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Girl Blood Sport (2019)

Director: Russell Brown
Cast: Miss Mercedes 9, Abby, Stephanie Adduci, Adelina, Delila Alas, Bianca Alexandrea, Chelsea Alexandria, Euriah Alexandria, Ali, Dezie Alvarez, Lauren Alysse, Amore, Lady Ana-Eve, Ann, Ashley Ann, Anne, Anna Apostolides, Ashley Arroyo, Xanax Barbie, Tori Barrymore, Angela Barton, Jennifer Barton, Jessica Barton, Cheyenne Bellomy, Andreina Bellori, A. Berry, Bex, Persephone Bleeds, Danielle Bowers, Kayla Boyles, Briicole, Cassiopeia Brooke, Jennifer Brown, Jennifer Brown, Russell Brown, Rose Bud, Buji, Jordan Bunniie, McKenzie Burnley, Omnious Buttercup, Skull Candy, Love Carver, Casselyn, Becca Chanay, Torri Chanel, Laura Charles, Tyler Charly, Cherry, Moon Child, Blue Coble, Kelcey Coe, Abby Cremonini, Brianna Culp, Cxndy Cxne, Blood Dawn, Ashley DeBoer, Michelle Debonis, Strawberry Debutante, Lily Deva, Zoya DeVore, Amanda Dicapo, Dani Divine, Rebel Doll, Kaylyn Marie Downie, Emmy Elle, Kody Evans, Simply Fade, Roswell Faith, Jessy Felix, Catniss Ferrell, Flaka, Alyssa Fogleman, Audrina Fox, Quinn Foxx, Sera Gabriella, Babyy Gaines, Mystic Air Ghuleh, Antoinette Haley, Hazeyy Hannah, Mariah Harris, Betty B. Hines, 'Sushi' Xhyvette Holder, 'Sushii' Xhyette Holder, Hayley Homicide, Hybrid, Marissa Jade, Rahyndee James, Jewell The Mistress of Darkness, Jessi June, Elissa Kali, Kat, Kiki, Lamby Kins, Kirra, Toxic Kiss, Laken, Brittany Lashae, Lauren Laveria, Jennifer Lee, Tam Lee, Albie Leon, Northern Lights, Patti Lipton, Lino Lithium, Liz, Lauren Loper, LuLu, Synthetika Lynn, Ema Lynnore, Fera M., Bella Mae, Glitch Mai, Marie, Aqua Marie, Ashlie Marie, Tancy Marie, Gladys Marin, Alison Mary, Lady Elli May, Lindsey McComb, Macy Meadows, Michelle, Brandi Michelle, Lois Minnis, Mary Mitchell, Karla Molina, Miss Molly, Heloine Moreno, Whitney Morgan, Mandy Motionless, Neko-Kira, Amber Nicole, Jenna Nicole, Macy Nikole, Ginger Ninja, Kelsey Noel, Kazarie Pavlides, Rachel, RemSequence, Sara Robinson, Brittany Rose, Kayla Rose, Lexi Roth, High Royal, Rumor, Brigette Santana, Sarah, Keri Schirtzinger, Sunny Sedro, Lass Shawty Bootay, Princess Shyan, Shauna Siryn, Aleksa Slusarchi, Travis Smith, Raven Snow, Destiny Soria, Nicole Spencer, Jaden Starr, Stefani, Jade Stone, Britani Storey, Adrienne Sutphin, Tastrophe Talon, Tatiana, Tawnie, Krystal Thode, Dare VanWaes, Vered, Lina Von Stoned, Neko Von, Brandi Lee Wilson


Chaos follows a deadly duo of maniac assassins after they host a brutal, no-holds-barred tournament inside a sinister steel cage surrounded by razor-sharp barb-wire after luring hungry, aspiring models into the backwoods of Columbus, Ohio with a prize too good to be true. Just as they turn the tide on each other, a mysterious and haunting violent vixen, literally with an ax to grind threatens their status as deadly assassins in this blood-soaked, sweat-drenched nightmare you'll never forget. Inspired by shockingly true events. The feature film, Girl Blood Sport presents itself as a cautionary tale about the dangers posed in the freelance modeling world.

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