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Forte (2020) - Also known as "Ballsy Girl"

Director: Katia Lewkowicz
Cast: Melha Bedia, Valérie Lemercier, Alison Wheeler, Bastien Ughetto, Nanou Garcia, Ramzy Bedia, Jonathan Cohen, Yasin Houicha, Oussama Kheddam, Lionel Lingelser, Wilfried Capet, Yilin Yang, Alice Dufour, Florent Pinget, Hovnatan Avédikian, Alexandre Achdjian, Jason Divengele, Pierre Rousselet, Sébastien Siroux, Alison Valence, Nelly Clara, Badr Iffach, Clara Estarque, Clémentine Astrid, Jason Ittah, Anna Weil, Ruth Beugre, Lili Boa, Virginie Catala, Christelle Delorme


Nour is a pleasant and funny person who works as an accountant at a fitness center in Paris. Everybody likes her, but she has no luck in her romantic endeavours because she is overweight with atypical looks. Her close friends try to give her advice, but they are not particularly successful in the love department either. Her mother and brother are also close, but they are of no help, rather the contrary. One day she witnesses a pole dancing class at her workplace, something that she would never dream of doing herself, but she sees how much the women in the class and their teacher are enjoying themselves, so she is tempted. Finally the teacher starts giving her private lessons since she is too ashamed of her body to do anything in public. Slowly but surely she gains confidence in herself and many things change in her life.

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