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The Legend of the Five (2020)

Director: Joanne Samuel
Cast: Lauren Esposito, Gabi Sproule, Leigh Joel Scott, Nicholas Andrianakos, Deborah An, Beth Champion, Tiriel Mora, Alex Woodward, Georgia Adamson, Eric James Gravolin, Matthew Pritchard, Lauren Lloyd Williams, Daniel Gaudiello, Warren Ekermans, Charlie Torr, Jordan Dulieu, Tia Beale, Daniele Clements, Chanika Desilva, Lola Bennett, Jasmine Sandilant, Che Johnson, Jasper Lee-Lindsay, Charles Tang, Caitlyn Taylor, Owen Andrews, George Apostolov, John Apostolov, James Barrell, Grace Beale, Charlie Bieal, Faith Birkett, Laila Chesterman, Sophie Clement, Douglas Dench, Caitlin Green, Yonathon Haile-Michael, Emma Jinks, Malia Kinsey, Sarah Conway Klusik, Linnaeus Lowrey, Molly Normand, Lillian Reynolds, Lily Grace Reynolds, Kyle Robinson, Charlotte Tanner, Jamie Cox Taylor, Dominic Thompson, Taylor Thompson, Jan Todd, Roisin Todd, Penelope White, Helena Zadro-Jones


When a group of misfit teenagers encounter an ancient relic during a school trip, they find themselves caught up in a magical world, with elemental powers beyond their belief, and the responsibility of stopping an age old evil from destroying the world.

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