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The Weekly - TV Series (2019-2020)

Cast: Azam Ahmed, Katie Benner, Mohammad Hossain, Erica Green, Brian Rosenthal, Emma Graves Fitzsimmons, Bryson Sassau, Richard Feinsilver, Michael Landry, Tracey Landry, Joseph Malveaux, Larry Fisher, Frank Fuselier, Matthew W. Daus, Letarchia Lewis, Nyjal Mitchell, Sanaa Mitchell, Mary Mitchell, Ana Howard, Raymond Smith Jr., Doraian Givens, David Barstow, Edward Gallagher, Ernesto Martínez, Paulina Villegas, Binyamin Appelbaum, Joe Biden, Cory Booker, Keith Bradsher, John Broder, Pete Buttigieg, Michelle Cottle, Jim Dao, Nick Fox, Aisha Harris, Javier C. Hernández, Lauren Kelley, Alex Kingsbury, Kathleen Kingsbury, Amy Klobuchar, Barbara Marcolini, Tiffany May, Balaraba Mohammed, Bernie Sanders, Dionne Searcey, Brent Staples, Elizabeth Warren, Charlie Warzel, Jesse Wegman, Edward Wong, Gillian Wong, Andrew Yang


The Weekly is a new documentary TV series from The New York Times, bringing unparalleled journalism to the screen.

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