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Pariah: The Lives and Deaths of Sonny Liston (2019)

Documentary, Biography, Crime, Sport
UK, South Africa, USA (English) 90 min
7.3 -
  10/10   10/10   0
Updated on 2020 Feb 28
Director: Simon George
Cast: Nigel Collins, Helen-Jean Long, Jerry Izenberg, Mike Tyson, Randy Roberts, Hasan Jeffries, Don Majeski, Leah Wright Rigueur, Sonny Liston, Julius Griffin, Charles Farrell, Willie Reddish Jr., Wayne Bethea, Cleveland Williams, Roy Harris, Robert Lipsyte, Floyd Patterson, Tom McNeeley, Albert Westphal, Shaun Assael, Dana Gentry, Gene Kilroy, Muhammad Ali, Abdul Rahman, Leotis Martin, Chuck Wepner, Trish Geran, Larry Gandy, Mark Rodney, Bill Alden, Elvis Moyo, Khanya Kerwath, Rowan Studti, Nicky Rebelo, Martin Kluge, D. David Morin, Tamara Xuba, Devin Dollery, Mav Simelane, Riaan Ellis, King Edward, Tian Ficks, Pope Jerrod, Larry Merchant, Frankie Carbo, Lance Elliot, Arthur Falko, Estes Kefauver, Martin Luther King, Daniel Lasker, Geraldine Liston, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, Mvelisi Mvandaba, Richard Nixon, Harry Reasoner, Sven Ruygrok, Lionel Strasky


Overcoming the seemingly insurmountable odds that life threw his way, Liston became the heavyweight champion of the world when he knocked out Floyd Patterson in 1962. Just eight years later, his wife finds him dead in their Las Vegas home from a supposed heroin overdose. Suspicion as to the cause of death pervaded among those that knew him.

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