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Starstruck (1982)

Director: Gillian Armstrong
Cast: Joey Kennedy, Ross O'Donovan, Margo Lee, Max Cullen, Pat Evison, John O'May, Dennis Miller, Norman Erskine, Melissa Jaffer, Philip Judd, Dwayne Hillman, Ian Gilroy, Ned Lander, Mark Little, Ian Spence, Kerry McKay, Peter Davies, Carol Burns, Max Simms, Pat Rooney, Vola Vandere, Giselle Morgan, Ken Lambeth, Jamie Campbell, Warren Lewis, Lucky Grills, Bernard Curran, Frankie James, Syd Heylen, Doug Scroope, Judith Woodroffe, John Sheerin, Peter Boswell, Brett Nevill, Michael Moody, Ben Franklin, Lyn Lovett, Rainee Skinner, Johnny Garfield, Brian Blain, Geoffrey Rush, Janice Finn, Katherine Romaine, Kay Eklund, Jeffrey Rhoe, Doug Hull, Donnie Sutherland, Camille Linden, Elyse Clare, Rona Coleman, Stuart Campbell, Kaarin Fairfax, Sam, Mark Alchin


Young woman wants to become the next big singer with the help of her friends and despite the wishes of her working class family.

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