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Back To The Good Times 2018 CHINESE 1080p BluRay H264 AAC-VXT [MP4]

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Back to the Good Times (2018) - Also known as "Hua jia da ren zhuan nan hai"

Director: Yu Ning Chu
Cast: Chen-Nan Tsai, Crowd Lu, Vera Yen, Kuan-Ting Liu, Cammy Chiang, Shao-hua Lung, Chin-Jung Kang, Alex Shu-Yuan Ko, Heaven Hai, Lotus Wang, Ying-Xuan Hsieh, Chu-Mei Fan, Annie Nguyen, Tzu-Yen Chin, Thi Thuy Hang Nguyen, Chiung Hua Yang, Hsing-Chen Yeh, Shih-Chieh King, Mei-Hsiu Lin, Ivy Yi-Han Chen, Peter Ho, Akira Chen, Bamboo Chu-Sheng Chen, Chia-Chia Peng, Matzka, Yu-Wei Hsieh, Nien-Hsuan Wu, Greg Han Hsu, Yuu Chen, Yu Ning Chu, Yu-Lin Yen, Mic Yang, Yi-Jun Guan, Sheng-Ping Chu, Chun-Haw Hsu, Stone Yang, Diane Lin, Barry Qu, Chen-Ting Yeh, Steven Chiang, Yen-chuang Chen, Mei-Man Jin, Emily Wu, Danny Tung, Yu-Heng Tseng, Yi-Chen Lin, Jerry Lin, Rice Lin, Alice Chang, Hsiang-He Chiang, Yi-Shan Wang, Yi-Ting Lin


Nearly a year has gone by since the passing of Grandma, and the Zheng family is busy preparing for memorial rituals. Hwa Jia (Crowd Lu) gets discharged from military service and happily reunites with Wei (Vera Yen). The next morning, Wei's parents catch them in bed together and flip out. Wei's angry parents confront Hwa Jia's family, and the whole meeting turns into a farcical mess. Faced with an unprecedented crisis, Hwa Jia must figure out how to save himself and his family. Part of TTV's acclaimed Qseries imprint, the quirky and moving family series A Boy Named Flora A (2017) turned into one of Taiwan's biggest television hits of 2017. The cast and crew return with more family love and laughs in the 2018 feature film Back to the Good Times (2018), directed by Yu Ning Chu. Released during the Chinese New Year period, the film follows the post-military life of protagonist Hwa Jia, played by popular singer-songwriter Crowd Lu.

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