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Hail Mary! (2018) - Also known as "Sushi Tushi or How Asia Broke Into American Pro Football"

Director: Ziad H. Hamzeh
Cast: Eddie Mekka, Sheena Colette, Joomin Hwang, Claire Kennedy, Chet Göle, Ramy Elagazar, Harmony Gong, Yama, Hiroki Sumi, Scott Irons, Wyatt Lozano, Mike Wietecha, Kristi Donna Ng, Sonia Conlin, Brandon A VillaLobos, Randy Darrow, Jana Dimitrievska, Albert Marshall, Michael Ferris, Nathaniel G. Harris, J.C. Holloway, Patrick Klein, Matt Laty, Vincent Leong, Khas Mariaviisenge, Michele Moore, Jody Pucello, Daniel Rayome, Greg Robbins, Howie Schaal, Joseph Sidoni Jr., Nathan Sinn, Aaron Smith, Mike Sutton, Allen Wall, Kevin A. Wall, Aleem Whitfield, Anthony Fred Zumpano, Tyler Barnes, Elizabeth Bove, Josh Brogadir, Liz Cameron, Al Cutri, Charles Lemon, Clare Lopez, Jill Mack, Joshua Montague, Linda E. Simon, Caitlyn Stephenson


What do you do when your pro football franchise have lost thirty two games in a row? Buy up a school of Japanese Sumo Wrestlers, with all of its gargantuan 600 plus pound Sumos and make them into linemen protecting your precious star quarterback, O'Rourke.

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