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Impossible Engineering - TV Programs (2015-2020)

Cast: Mike Bratton, Rhys Morgan, Daniel Dickrell, Andrew Steele, Luke Bisby, Suzie Sheehy, Jen Masengarb, Kate Mulcahy, Suzie Sherry, Wendy Fok, Stuart Justice, Panayotis Papanikolas, Dennis Poon, Yewande Akinola, Adrian Brugger, Pete Kosogorin, Urs Meier, Jun Xia, Leila Nilipour, Andrew Smyth, Jorge de la Guardia, Ilya de Marotta, Luis Ferreira, Cheryl George, Tuija Linden, Scott Ramsay, Michael Tobias, Sylvain Fagot, Lara Kearney, Michel Virlogeux, Ben Evans


A series that explores engineering mega projects worldwide, and relates them back to the original scientific discoveries that made these modern day projects possible.

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