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Die Geschichte vom kleinen Muck (1953) - Also known as "The Story of Little Mook"

Director: Wolfgang Staudte
Cast: Thomas Schmidt, Johannes Maus, Friedrich Richter, Trude Hesterberg, Alwin Lippisch, Silja Lesny, Heinz Kammer, Gerhard Hänsel, Wilhelm Hinrich Holtz, Richard Nagy, Gerd Frickhöffer, Werner Peters, Charles Hans Vogt, Harry Riebauer, Ursula Kempert, Friedrich Gnaß, Wolf von Beneckendorff, Johannes Rhein


An old man living in an oriental city tells the story of his life to a group of kids: He too was once a young boy by the name of Little Muck - much like them, but with better manners and a heap of problems. Having lost his father at

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