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Union (2018)

Director: Whitney Hamilton
Cast: Virginia Newcomb, Marcelle LeBlanc, Tucker Meek, Blaine Burdette, Cece Kelly, Greg Maness, Jay Galloway, Jeremy Sande, Hudson Meek, Jeff Marchelletta, Blake Burgess, Benjamin Keepers, John Charles Dickson, Ty Taylor, Leah Hudspeth, Corey Winston, Jack Teague, Dallas T. Taylor, Ian J. Cunningham, Whitney Hamilton, Mea Allen, Randy Smith, Faith Bruner, Jon Dannelley, Christopher Copeland, Don Lay, Judy Krause, Don Cano, Alex Zuko, Jana O'Brien, Zachary Clemons, Ramsey Whitney, Meg Deusner, Terry Boyer, Rachel Marie Wilson, Cody Hopper, Christian Hetrick, Stewart Walker, Daniel Mazikowski, Boogie Dabney, Stephen Tsimpides, Brandon Leighton Barranco, Jarod Brumley, A.J. Sexton, Phillip Noble, Susan McCain, Lillie Malone, Christopher Sams, Eric Butcher, Carron Clark, Caleb Shuttinga, Will Blacklock, Will Jones, Jonah Bryant, George Kobler, Logan Shuttinga, Reilly Durkin, Brien McWilliams, Matthew D. Whaley, Ava LeBlanc, Jonathan Kobler, Daniel King, Zach Buse, Merrill Story, Chance Novalis, Joseph Bodkin, India Watkins, Kenny Glass, Joey Prestley, David Orange, Eddie Bratton, Joyce Smitherman, Dalton Dismukes, Noah Duffy, Timothy Hallman, Robert J. Huckestein, Abby Bals, Len Ward II, Vinston E. Rickman, Atha Dalton, Dana Porter, Mea Allen, Laura Dothard, Jim Brucke, Samuel Oliver, Jonathan Sweatt, Brayden Thompson, Chad Bozeman, Genvieve Palmer, Nicholas Ferlisi, Kevin Key, Anna Bella Foster, Tc McKinney, Josh Carples, Sutton Dodd, Barbara Cox, Thomas M. Long III, Laurelle Miles, Ollie Balch, Sean Paul, Patrick McCarty, Dakota Shaner, Ethan Kimbrough, Mark E. Holmes, Tommy Puckett, Scotty Myers, Jennifer R. Gibson, Timothy Nichols, Dusty Leggett


During a cavalry skirmish at the battle of Cold Harbor, 'Henry' is shot. His near death experience catalyzes his determination to live and to love fully promising to find Virginia Klaising, the widow that saved his life during Antietam. The Indians hiding high up in the Blue Ridge tell Henry that Virginia is destined to marry an old man she does not love so she can hang onto her farm. When the Indians realize that Henry is a 'two-spirit' they hide him from the Union forces and prepare him to be reunited with his soul mate, Virginia. Eloping on a summer night with fireflies as luminaries, they begin their new life. The secret becomes harder to keep as Henry suffers from PTSD and must confess his battle sins. He recounts a mercy killing of a childhood friend, her child still missing. Going in search of the child, he/she ultimately brings the boy, home.

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