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Point Blank (2019)

Director: Joe Lynch
Cast: Frank Grillo, Stuart F. Wilson, Buster Reeves, Christian Cooke, Anthony Mackie, Teyonah Parris, Bob Herzog, Reggie Willis, Shanessa Sweeney, Boris McGiver, Nik Pajic, Marcia Gay Harden, Adam G. Simon, Clara Harris, Bryan Coffee, Sheila Gray Robinson, Brendan Johnston, Adam Green, Cate Dean, Daniel R. Hill, Phineas Clark, Marvin Green, Markice Moore, Bryan Patrick McCulley, Damien Bray, Joe Lynch, Mark Angel, Anthony Antal, Michael Lee Bailey, Judy McQueen Bauer, Lea Hutton Beasmore, David Beck, Anita Farmer Bergman, John E. Brownlee, Shawn Ray Cartel, Jill Coughlin, Tyler Craig, William Cross, Laura Dejean, Michelle Dobrozsi, Richard Doone, George W. Ellerman, Kathleen Ellerman, Christopher T. Elliott, Shawn P. Farrell, Alessandro Ferraris, Jim Gloyd, Jason Marcus Griffith, John W. Harden, Tim Heath, Sue Hopkins, William C. Ingram, Zach Kaltenbach, Angel Kerns, Gregory M. Knight, Bret Aaron Knower, Paul Kulis, Gary Maloney, Rodger Masten, Harry McCane, Jeff McCuistion, Keith Moeller, Kevin E. Murphy, William E Newton, Cherie Orf, Tammy Payne, David Pittinger, Jerry Pope, Joanne Popolin, Steven Schraub, Brian D. Schroeder, Kevin W. Shiveley, Glema Sellards, Harrison Sheckler, James Siderits, Christina Sparks, Carly Tamborski, Andrew Van Camp, Jim Waldfogle, Steven Terry Walker, Ming Wang, Peggy Warner, Robert Wells, Bradley Wier, Brandon White, Tony L. Winstead


When his pregnant wife is kidnapped and held as collateral, Paul, an ER nurse, must team with the badly injured career criminal and murder suspect under his charge in order to save the lives of his wife and unborn child. Pitted against rival gangs and a deadly ring of corrupt cops, the unlikely duo find a way to survive together in the fight of their lives.

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