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Alaska: The Last Frontier - TV Series (2011-2020)

USA (English)
7.7 -
  - /10   - /10   0
Updated on 2020 Feb 26
  Nominated for 3 Primetime Emmys.
Cast: Atz Lee Kilcher, Otto Kilcher, Eivin Kilcher, Atz Kilcher, Charlotte Kilcher, Eve Kilcher, Jane Kilcher, Bray Poor, Bonnie Kilcher-Dupree, August Kilcher, Shane Kilcher, Yule Kilcher, Findlay Kilcher, Kelli Kilcher, Nikos Kilcher, Mark Marette, Sparrow Kilcher, Mike Shellman, Bruce Willard, Cody, Grady, John Coila, Levi Kilcher, Ruth Kilcher, Dena, Josh Brooks, Sunrise Sjueberg, Tela, Jewel Kilcher, James Sayer, Etienne Kilcher, Piper Kilcher, Charlie, Joey Aldred, Bob, Tory, Liam, Jim, Daryl Walker, Danny, English John, Kase Kilcher, Findlay Abbott, Rob, Russ, Art Morris, Chris Ritchie, Beth, Marian, Elli, James, Brian Reed, Akaky, Jeremy, Stellavera Kilcher, Josiah, Jordan, Duffy, Micah, Brian, Nurse, Bill Kitzmiller, Veterinarian, Roland, Shelley, Wild Bill, Eric, Ina Jones, Spek Jones, Richard Koskovich, Ian Reed, James Reed, Shirley, Trish, Brian, Dave, James, Matt, Bill Nelson, Ellenson, Eric Engebretsen, Nurse, Patrick, Dan Rainwater, Steven Rainwater, Mri Technician, Troy Jones, Jade Kilcher, Jessie Kilcher, Greg Arnold


Centers on the Kilcher family and their community outside Homer, Alaska. Begun by patriarch Yule Kilcher who immigrated from Europe during WWII, and currently led by his sons, Otto and Atz Kilcher (singer Jewel's father) the family have lived on their land for four generations. The show also features the homesteaders who live nearby and interact with the Kilchers.

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