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Love, Weddings & Other Disasters (2020)

Director: Dennis Dugan
Cast: Maggie Grace, Diane Keaton, Jeremy Irons, Diego Boneta, Jesse McCartney, Todd Stashwick, Andrew Bachelor, Richard Kline, Chandra West, Elle King, Veronica Ferres, Nadezhda Russo, William Xifaras, Melinda Hill, Kimberly Howe, Ava Gaudet, Janelle Feigley, Dustin Tucker, Caroline Portu, Rob Norton, David Bernon, Kiara Pichardo, Brandon Scales, Whitney Meyer, Joseph Oliveira, Heidi Garrow, David Arthur Sousa, Andy Goldenberg, Keaton Simons, Dennis Staroselsky, Abbey Dubin, Derek Mellor, Francisco Marquez


It is a multi-story romantic comedy about the people who work on weddings to create the perfect day for a loving couple - while their own relationships are outlandish, odd, crazy and far from perfect.

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